Where There's Smoke...  



Rooftops and revelry, a match made in heaven. Smoke Rooftop sets the scene for the chic and delightfully cheeky. It’s all about the unforgettable good times that start when the sun is high and keep rolling until the moon takes its place. Claim your dim-lit spot for a dialled-up rooftop romance. 


We take great pride in our curated cocktail list and we’re always looking to take our cocktails to new and dizzying heights.  

This Spring, we’ve curated a menu with the theme of Memory to evoke some of our guests oldest and fondest memories – chicken salt on fish and chips, oranges at half-time and the smell of freshly-cut grass. The menu will connect with your tastebuds, emotions and memories of a simpler time. 


Eat, drink and mingle; come for the cocktails, stay for the stars. 




Relive the good old days, one sip at a time and let the memories of visits from the ice-ream truck, the smell of sunscreen and a feeling of a simpler time wash over you.



With next-level snacks and share plates to sit alongside your sundowner, our kitchen team have designed food fit for shenanigans. Our snacks flirt with flavour and are a delicious companion for a cocktail (or two!). 



Distinctive drinks, sunset front row and moreish share plates make for noteworthy events. We can Tetris our rooftop space to suit the mood of your do. Hire the whole venue or pick your prime sky-high position.