Sydney's House of fun



Welcome to Sydney’s house of fun.


Barangaroo House is Sydney’s most sought after waterfront destination. It offers three levels of exciting dining, drinking and entertainment in an award-winning building with unsurpassed harbour views. Brought to life by Matt Moran and the Solotel Group, each level at Barangaroo House has its own personality and appeal. On the ground floor is the relaxed and easygoing House Bar. Our hatted flagship restaurant Bea occupies the first floor, and on the rooftop you’ll find our sophisticated bar Smoke.


Throughout the venue you can enjoy contemporary Australian cuisine created by Executive Chef, Tom Haynes. Whether you’re looking for casual drinks and a tasty waterside meal, a restaurant renowned for its fun dining or sunset cocktails and snacks at Sydney’s best rooftop bar, Barangaroo House has something for everyone. Welcome to Sydney's house of fun!


Our team at Barangaroo House are committed to taking care of our planet too and we’ve focused on sustainability and conservation since our doors first opened in 2018. By choosing suppliers who adhere to ethical farming and fishing practices, sourcing produce as locally as possible, and enforcing efficient and responsible waste reduction, disposal and recycling processes, our entire operation is committed to being friendly to the environment.


From encouraging diners to take home leftovers in our biodegradable ‘doggy bags’, to our complex, sustainability-focused waste and recycling management system, we constantly do our best to conserve resources and minimise food waste and landfill. Clingfilm is avoided in favour of lidded containers. Cooking techniques and materials are amended to cut down on plastic waste. Our used oil is collected and turned into biodiesel and we don’t provide single-use cutlery or straws in any part of our venue.  


We remain conscious at all times of the world that we live in and if there’s a way to prevent further damage to our natural surroundings, we’re always ready to get involved.