Group booking terms & conditions

Barangaroo House Bookings Terms & Conditions;

A group booking is only confirmed once a valid credit card is received and recorded with the reservation at the time of booking. A credit card number is required to secure the booking.


Cancellations made within 24 hours of the reservation date or a no show to the reservation, will incur a $50 per person charge to the credit card on file for groups under 8 people; for groups of 8 or more the charge will be $95 per person. We would prefer not to charge so please contact us with any changes.


Smoke - max group booking 24 guests

Rekodo - max group booking 29 guests

House Bar - max group booking 29 guests

All cancellations are to be communicated directly via phone (02 8581 5400) or email: events.barangaroohouse@solotel.com.au.

We look forward to welcoming you to Barangaroo House. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the booking services team on 02 8581 5400  


** 10% gratuity applies to all group reservations. Any enquiries for exclusive dining & events will need to be booked separately through our Events Manager.

Public transport

Barangaroo is a hub for ferry and taxi and is a short stroll from Wynyard Station for train connections. There are several bus options within walking distance.

Can I bring pets?

Support animals are always welcome. Dogs are welcome outside at House Bar.

Can I bring a cake?

You are welcome to bring celebratory cakes which we will cut and serve. A charge of $8pp will apply.

Is there a dress code?

Our dress code throughout Barangaroo House is appropriate smart casual. 


Specific to Smoke Bar: Dressier in the evening and do not allow thongs, slides, high-vis, tracksuits, workout gear. Dress code is at venue managements discretion. 

Do you have a public holiday surchage?

Yes, all bills incur a 15% surcharge on public holidays.

Do you have parking?

There is no street parking in the area so we recommend off street parking at Sun Parking on 261 Kent Street, or Secure Parking on 1 Shelley Street. Unfortunately, there is no designated accessible parking.

Are you an accessible venue?

Access to all levels. Disabled bathroom is available. Accessible bathroom is available. Unfortunately, there is no designated accessible parking.

What is your Family/Children policy?

Children are welcome in the care of a legal guardian in Rekodo and House Bar, however Smoke is strictly an 18+ venue. Please advise at time of the booking if you have any specific requirements.

What days are you closed?

We are closed Christmas Day.

Who do I speak to about lost property?

Please call us on  (02) 8587 5400 or email us at barangaroohouse@solotel.com.au

Do you charge gratuity?

Please note we have an 8% service surcharge in Smoke. 



For groups of up to 9 guests, a 5% gratuity is applicable For groups of 10 guests or more, a 10% gratuity is applicable.