General Manager


Meet Chris, General Manager at Barangaroo House, seasoned hospitality professional, and avid chess player. Chris began working in bars at 18 and unexpectedly, fell in love with hospitality. 


He particularly loves being a part of Sydney's culture of restaurants and bars, contributing to people's experiences of going out and catching up with friends. Creating, providing, and curating incredible guest experiences is in his DNA and there is nothing else he’d rather be doing. Chris pinches himself daily that he gets to work in such a beautiful and iconic venue, with incredible scenic views and guests out for a fun time. 


A born and bred Sydneysider, Chris is grateful to work in one of the most culturally vibrant and naturally spectacular destinations in the city. When he’s not helping to curate the vibe at Barangaroo House, Chris is honing his chess skills a hobby he began at a very young age. 

Bar Manager


Introducing Jai Lyons, Bar Manager at Barangaroo House born and raised in Sydney. Passionate about exploring new restaurants and has a curious mind for new adventures and loves to try new things, twice. Jai has a strong adoration for golf, being creative and exploring different flavours. 


Jai has been a bartender for the past eight years, beginning his career in hospitality in England, as a way to connect with new people whilst living abroad. Throughout his career, Jai has worked in pubs, wine bar's cocktails and fine dining restaurants. Always excited to push the boundaries both in beverage and connecting with guests, ensuring they feel special and relaxed with a personalised and memorable experience, that is approachable to all. 


Whether you enjoy your beverage straight, stirred or neat we know that our guests experience with Jai will no doubt be a memorable and a creative one. 

Head Chef


Solotel Chef of the Year 2023 


Introducing our Head Chef at Barangaroo House, Tara. Born and raised in the Philippines, Tara has been surrounded by cooking and food from an early age. Her fondest childhood memories are in the kitchen as her mother’s assistant, which is where her passion for food and using her hands to curate special meals stems from.  


Over the last 10 years as a professional chef,  Tara has worked in many kitchens  around the world, including in the Philippines, United States and Singapore before settling in Australia. As head chef, Tara leads the kitchens for Rekodo Restaurant & Vinyl Bar at Barangaroo House. 


Passionate about continuously learning, growing and being able to connect people with food is something that Tara holds close to her very big heart. She’s driven to curate the most delicious and memorable dishes for all our guests.