Smoke Cocktail Menu

Cocktails in the Sky


Cocktails are the star of the show at Smoke and our list is lovingly and thoughfully put together by head bartender Pauric Kennedy. Spritzy, strong or showy, these creative cocktails cover every mood.



Season G+T

long, refreshing, fruity, aromatic  20
Allspice infused bombay sapphire gin, regal rogue wild rose, strawberry, fever tree tonic, citrus

Rosso Spritz

up over ice, red berries, zesty, wintry  21
martini rosso, pampelle, 42 below vodka, raspberry, citrus, prosecco

Big Mac

up, nutty, textured, spiced  22
patron silver tequila, brookies mac, amaro montenegro, macadamia, citrus

Day & Night
long, spiced, stimulating, refreshing  22
bacardi oro, coffee liqueur, almond, citrus, fever tree ginger beer


Up In The Air

up, tropical, vibrant, citrus  22
strawberry infused 42 BELOW VODKA, bombay bramble, mango, aperol, citrus


The Bounty

up, sophisticated, classic, boozy  22
maker’s mark, glenfiddich 12yo, apricot brandy, coconut, peychauds bitters, smoky mist

Ol' Pear

short, structured, pear, boozy  22 
wild turkey rye, bacardi spice, pear

Moment of Clarity

short, curious, bitter, forest fruit  22
rhapsody gin, chinola passion fruit, black currant, elderberry, madarin campari, martini bianco