Smoke Cocktail Menu

Cocktails in the Sky


Cocktails are the star of the show at Smoke and our list is lovingly and thoughfully put together by head bartender Pauric Kennedy. Spritzy, strong or showy, these creative cocktails cover every mood.




Seasonal G+T 
Long, citrus, bittersweet, refreshing 20
Bombay east gin, italicus bergamot, pomegranate, salted grapefruit, citrus, Fever-Tree aromatic


Herbal Remedy** 
Up, herbal, tropical, textured 21
Chamomile infused belvedere, martini bianco, citrus, pineapple


Spicy Margie 2.0
Short, zesty, spicy, salty 22

Spicy Blanco Tequila, mezcal, citrus, pineapple agave 


Empire Spritz
Up over ice, spiced, aperitiki, berry 20
Cocchi rosa, bacardi carta blanca, angostura bitters, falernum, passion fruit, prosecco


The Cure 
short, spiced, peaty, honey 22
Dewar’s 12yo, glenfiddich fire & cane, apricot, fernet branca, ginger/honey, bitters


Peach Pit 
Up, tropical, tart, stone fruit 22
42 BELOW VODKA, rinquinquin peach, Campari, citrus, coconut, passion fruit 


Cuban Sour 
Up, tiki, nutty, spiced 22
Bacardi spiced, wild turkey rye, angostura, Citrus, orgeat, macadamia


up, woody, perfumed, punchy 22
Hennessy vs Cognac, vetiver gris, toasted wattleseed, bitters


Rogue Negroni 
short, smooth, berry, grapefruit 22
Rhapsody gin, regal rogue wild rose, Aperol, Pampelle


Alfresco Spritz
Up over ice, refreshing, fruity, fragrant 21
Four pillars dry gin, chinola, sour orange, vanilla, tonic, prosecco