Soak in that Sydney sunshine on our spacious terrace and let your mood guide your drinks choice. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered - cold crafty beers, refreshing rosés and even cute cocktails in bottles. Settle in and escape.



Sparkling 125ml or bottle 


Sparkling Brut - Chandon 125ML 13 B 75                                         
Prosecco - Big Ears 125ML 12 B 60
Pet-Nat - Big Dreams 125ML 14 75



Seasonal Wines


G - 150ML  LG - 250ML  B - 750ML 



Pinot Gris - Grant Burge G 14 LG 23 B 65
Semillon |Sauvignon Blanc - First Creek Botanica G 14 LG 23 B 65
Chardonnay -  Grant Burge G 14 LG 23 B 65



Rameau Petit Amour G 13 LG 21 B 65



Pinot Noir - Trentham Estate G 13 LG 21 B 65
Cabernet Sauvignon - Grant Burge G 14 LG 23  B 65
Shiraz - Grant Burge G 14 LG 23  B 65


Organic wine in a can 

Rosé -  Garagiste 'Fairy Bread'  G 15
Pinot Gris - Garagiste 'Tropical Phantasm' G 15                 







Frozen Cocktails (Sub-zero)

Frose  - 12

Frozen Berry Daiquiri - 19
Bacardi Rum, Mixed Berry, Lime all in a refreshing frozen mix

Frozen Patron Margarita - 19
Your favourite Patron tequila cocktail but frozen!

Frozen Pina Colada 19
A nice mix of Bacardi rum and coconut to refresh your afternoon

Classic Cocktails

Espresso Martini - 18
42 Below Vodka, De Kuyper crème de café, salted caramel, and cold drip coffee

Classic Paloma- 19
Patron tequila, lime, agave topped with a refreshing Fever Tree grapefruit tonic

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Spritz - 18
The Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz gin in a refreshing spritz

Tommys Margarita - 20
Patron Silver tequila, lime, agave. YUM!


Sharing Cocktails


Sharing Aperol Spritz  38

Aperol, prosecco, soda