All you need to know about drinking Red this summer



Head Sommelier Georgina Larsson talks to us about everything you need to know about Smashable Reds...



Smashable reds are those that keep a core focus on quality, freshness and value. Common varieties with light to medium body such as Pinot Noir, Gamay are forever friendly and accessible but also consider Spanish and Australian Grenache, French and Victorian Cabernet Franc, Sicilian Red varietal blends which are my personal go to favourites this Spring.



Particularly in the Australian climate it’s important to maximise enjoyment through drinking reds at cooler than room temperature.  A short stint in the fridge before serving is highly recommended for service at a temperature of around 13 - 15 degrees for varietals such as Pinot Noir, Gamay, Grenache and 16 - 18 degrees for fuller-bodied styles like Cabernets, Shiraz, Malbec etc.  I’m always excited to hear of people innovatively forming cellars in cool areas of their own homes, in Styrofoam bottle transit boxes, beneath the stairs, under the house etc.  Traditionally you’ll get more enjoyment from any wine that has been stored well and can be ready at temperature right when you need it.  Also… increase a wines quaffability by using larger glass formats and there are some great and affordable universal glasses out there that are durable and well worth the investment.



Another essential quality of a smashable wine would have to also include a guilt free and repeatable experience! A balance must be considered in the quality and cost of a wines production.  Wines of cooler climates, tend to be smashable due to their lower alcohols, balance and structure, however these cooler areas can also be affected by lower yields, vineyard disease and climactic pressures, the price is therefore elevated.  Moderate climates are very well handled in the present day by astute winemakers who look to a globalised industry, traditional and modern, and can use all the tools of winemaking that this world of knowledge provides to increase quality and consistency in the bottle.  



Wine is more versatile and drinkable than ever before.  Winemakers are reducing their intervention in the winery and we return to enjoying the kinds of red wines that you should drink with lunch, on a picnic, working out in the fields or after a hard days work.  


Georgina recommends...


- Domaine Simha ‘Simla’ Red Field Blend Gamay|Pinot (Tasmania)

- Comando G Bruja de Rozas Garnacha (Vinos de Madrid, Spain)

- Mount Mary Reflexion Cabernet Franc  (Yarra Valley, Victoria)