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Order from the menu or let us feed you Omakase style, where our chefs select a playlist of dishes for you to enjoy.



Edamame, nori salt (d,v,ve,g,n,h) | 10 (


Smashed cucumber, shichimi, sesame (d,v,ve,g,n,h) | 11


Sydney rock oysters, lime (d,g,n,h) | 8ea


Papaya rolls, noodles, chilli, pineapple (d,v,ve,g,n,h) | 12


Tempura zucchini flower, sweet & sour dashi (d,v,ve,g,n,h) | 12ea


Cured salmon, citrus white ponzu, black onion (d,g,n,h) | 24


Nori tacos
Yellowfin tuna, jalapeño (d,g,n,h) | 14ea
Hoisin jackfruit, pickled slaw (d,v,ve,g,h) | 12ea


Temaki hand roll, prawn, avocado, chilli (d,n,h) | 14ea


Wagyu tataki, green koshu ponzu, egg yolk (d,g,n,h) | 32


Sashimi on the rocks (d,g,n,h) | 65
tuna, salmon, kingfish, Hokkaido scallop 
Soy, wasabi, ginger


Octo-dog, wasabi kewpie, crispy onion, nori (n,h) | 18ea


Bang Bang chicken, sesame, chilli bean sauce (g,n,h) | 18


Leave it to us 75/95






Soft shell crab bao, pickles, nahm jim (n,h) | 18ea 


Shiitake mushroom XO dumplings, soy, vinegar dipping sauce (v,n,h) | 20


Chicken & prawn gyoza, brown butter soy (n,h) | 22


Crispy pork belly (100g), yuzu mustard, cabbage, pickles, bao (h) | 32



Wafu salad, shaved cabbage & carrot, nori (d,v,ve,g,n,h)  | 12


Steamed rice, ume (d,v,ve,g,n,h)  | 8


Chilled udon salad, wakame, edamame, sesame (d,v,ve,n,h)  | 16

Sweet & sour brussels, Bulldog sauce (d,v,ve,g,n,h)  | 14

Hot chips, yang-nyum sauce & kewpie (d,v,g,n,h)  | 14


Dan Dan noodles, Szechuan chilli oil, cashews (d,v,ve,h)  | 17


BBQ pumpkin, kombu honey soy, shiso vinaigrette (d,v,ve,g,n,h)  | 30





Eggplant skewer, unagi sauce, sesame (d,v,ve,g,n,h)  | 10


Yakitori chicken, Spring onion, shichimi (d,g,n,h)  | 14


Wagyu skewer, sour tare (d,g,n,h)  | 15


Grilled duck tsukune, egg yolk, soy (d,n,h)  | 16






Miso Blue Eye cod, ginger, spring onion (d,g,n,h) | 45


Charred squid, sudachi, chilli crunch (d,g,n,h) | 30
Charcoal marinated wagyu steak, wasabi, pickled ginger (d,g,n,h) | 34


Whole snapper, crying tiger sauce (d,g,n,h) | MP


Szechuan lamb shoulder, numbing chillies, beansprouts, pancakes (d,n,h) | 65
Wagyu tomahawk, Yakiniku bone marrow sauce (d,g,n,h) | MP




Raspberry & shiso ice pop (d,v,ve,g,n,h) | 11

Strawberries & cream sando (v,n,h) | 15

Onigiri, mango, pandan (d,v,ve,g,n,h) | 15

Persimmon sticky toffee, coconut ice cream (v,g,n,h) | 16

We take your allergy and dietary requirements very seriously. Please advise your needs at time of booking and our Chefs and kitchen team will do their best to accommodate you.


d = dairy free | v = vegetarian | ve = vegan | g = gluten free | n = nut free | h = halal


For groups of up to 9 guests, a 5% gratuity is applicable For groups of 10 guests or more, a 10% gratuity is applicable.


A 15% surcharge applies on public holidays. All credit card payments incur a 1% surcharge.