To celebrate the launch of the latest Penfolds, Australia's most famous wine, Penfolds Grange, was pouring by the glass at Barangaroo House. To accompany this rare opportunity to sample the country's best red, our executive head chef created an outrageous steak sandwich that marries perfectly with the landmark wine.

Using Mayura Wagyu raised in Penfold’s neighbourhood, this wasn't wasn’t your (average) grandfather's steak sanga. Served on freshly baked ciabatta, with house-made preserved tomato sauce and pickled, roasted and reduced onions, and a sweetbread emulsion on the side, this ultra-umami dish has been made specifically to match the 2014 Penfolds Grange. It’s a classic combination – a beautiful piece of Mayura Station Wagyu beef, sourced from Millicent in South Australia, paired with a delicious, bold Shiraz.

"It's just one of those things where you have that smoothness, the richness, the whole story behind the label. You're drinking an Australian icon," said Chef. "I think it's one of those ones where a lot of people buy one for their birthday and open it up several years later. All those elements come into play and make it seem such a beautiful moment."

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