You won’t find any fussy garnishes or tweezer techniques at BEA, Executive Chef, Tom Haynes, works his magic on our wood-fired grill using local ingredients to create dishes inspired by the land and sea.





Sydney rocks, lemon GF, DF, NF 5.5   
Pacific oyster, lemon GF, DF, NF 5.5 
Bread, Butter  NF, VEGO, SF, SHF 4 
+ Truffled butter NF, VEGO, SF, SHF +2

Heirloom tomato salad, basil vinaigrette GF, DF, NF, VEGAN 20
Vanella burrata, grilled zucchini, pine nut, mint GF, VEGO 22
Raw kingfish, rhubarb, mountain pepper GF, DF, NF, SHF 26
Tasmanian Charred octopus, nduja vinaigrette GF, DF, NF, SHF 26
Steak tartare, artichoke, quail egg, potato crisps GF, DF, NF, SF, SHF 26
Tiger Prawns, roast tomato, dill GF, DF, NF 32




Jerusalem artichoke, warrigal greens, hazelnut, truffle GF, DF, VEGAN 32
Smoked rainbow trout, caper, burnt butter GF, NF, SHF 42
Steamed hapuka, cavolo nero, pickled mussels GF, DF, NF 48
Grilled spatchcock, winter mushroom, brioche NF 44
Dry aged pork neck, celeriac GF, DF, NF, SF, SHF 46

Eye fillet, grain fed 200g GF, DF, NF, SF, SHF 50 
Scotch fillet, grass fed 300g GF, DF, NF, SF 56 

Whole roast duck, charred plum sauce GF,DF,NF,SF 145 
1kg T-Bone, Brooklyn Valley, grass fed  GF,DF,NF,SF 140




Butterleaf salad, chive, chardonnay dressing GF, DF, NF, VEGAN 12
Crispy chips, smoked celery salt GF, DF, NF, VEGAN 12
Wood roasted sugarloaf cabbage, vinaigrette  GF, DF, NF, VEGAN 12
Market veg, olive oil GF, DF, NF, VEGAN 12
Slow roasted carrots, madeira GF, DF, NF, VEGAN 12



We take your allergy and dietary requirements very seriously. Please advise your needs at time of booking and our Chefs and kitchen team will do their best to accommodate you.





Valrhona chocolate cake, hazelnuts SF, SHF 16
Charred mandarin, tamarillo, coconut GF, DF, NF, VEGAN 16
Selection of Australian cheese, condiments NF, VEGO, SF, SHF 32