'Never Forever'

A video Art Installation by Flight Facilities and Babekühl. 

"Never Forever is a collaborative video art project by recording artists, Flight Facilities and new media arts collective, Babekühl. Originally conceived as a mixtape visualiser, the project has evolved into an ambitious, 53 minute video piece which employs a variety of experimental techniques and vintage media.
Channeling the lost art of home video compilations, the resulting VHS tapes became hightly personal and cherished artefacts; full of diverse but very curated visuals to accompany your favourite music. These tape would be kept, watched repeatedly, and often recored over numerous times until the tapes themselves warped and the quality degraded. ‘Never Forever' evokes this diverse and untamed aesthetic in all its nostalgic glory.
This is a selection of those works curated by the artists."


Check it out this long weekend across Barangaroo House.