We'd like you to meet the supplier behind Bea's delicious seafood menu? Jules Crocker and his passionate crew at Joto Fresh Fish work closely with head Chef Jason Staudt to ensure that we move with the seasons providing fresh seafood all year round.

You may have noticed fish on the menu like Mirror Dory, Garfish and Yellowfin Bream. These would have been the kind of species caught by Barangaroo herself, the legendary Aboriginal fisherwoman married to Bennelong. No doubt she would have been fishing right at the very water way that Bea is situated on.

Jules explains "Absolutely everything in fishing revolves around the moon cycle, any commercial fisherman will tell you - the fish follow the moon - ”.  This often comes into play when planning events. July's Jones Beauty media event saw Head Chef Jason and the Joto team select a seafood menu around the 1st quarter moon at the beginning of the month. The event falling on the week after guaranteed freshly landed swordfish absolutely delighting our guests.