Amy Finlayson


From being the subject behind the gaze of the lens to wielding the creative weapons and manipulating subjects, themes and aesthetics of her own choosing, Perth-born model turned artist Amy Finlayson’s explosive clash of mixed mediums straddle the tremulous divide between creation and destruction.

Having graced the pages of Vogue, Bazaar, Russh and Oyster, Amy’s modelling career took her to New York to work with visionaries of the highest order in the fashion industry. Here, she seized on the opportunity of being within one of the world’s great artistic centres and immersed herself completely in the art world. Working in some of the city’s most reputable galleries and art studios, Amy was bombarded with constant inspiration and opportunity. Drawing on her work in fashion and her associations with some of New York’s most radical and original creators and innovators led to her developing her own artistic practices.

Much of Amy’s work involves self-taken photographs whose angles and proportions have been warped in some way. She then further distorts those images using materials that give organic and fluid effects, such as watercolours on course paper, or through a bath of multi-coloured oils, as in the splayed out women and spattered oils of her ‘Girls on Cars’ collection. Raw, honest and heartbreaking, Amy’s work is fuelled not only by her vast travels and experiences by also by personal emotion, culminating in a form of brazen, fearlessly exaggerated self-expression through multimedia and image manipulation.

For Rosé Rising, Amy F will be subverting the feminine perception of pink with her ‘defaced’ floral decals and, kinetic, explosive paint and Perspex pink art installations which will be on display throughout the interiors of Barangaroo House.