This September, as we say goodbye to the cold and a very warm welcome to spring, we're shaking and stirring things up with a month long celebration that James Bond would be proud of. Martini Month, in partnership with Grey Goose Vodka, will be in full swing all through September with waterfront martinis and French Riviera state-of-mind across all three levels.


Each level of the House will hero the vodka martini in their own way. House Bar brings martinis with a twist, paired with their best friend the oyster (along with their very own oyster happy hour). Bea is all about martinis and food, carrying on our perfect mini sized Bea-tinis, and introducing our weekend party lunch, Duck Duck Goose.

3 levels. 1 month. Many martinis

House Bar

Oysters and Martinis

House Bar is all about martinis with a twist, paired with their best friend the oyster!


Choose from a selection of house-twisted Vodka martinis, with flavours to meet all palates, and all equally delicious with a side of oysters.


So make sure you come down to House Bar for our oyster happy hour, every weekday between 4-6pm!


Martinis with Food

In Bea it's all about pairing your martinis with your food.


We're bringing back the Bea-tini, a perfect portion for before, during or after a meal at any time of day. And on Fridays and Saturdays, these sophisticated minis will be served tableside from our fabulous martini trolley. 


Come the weekend, settle in for a boozy brunch of duck and djs with Duck, Duck, Goose!


Martinis with a View

Smoke rooftop elevates the martini experience as you enjoy our luxurious libations inspired by our oceanside view.


Try the ocean martini topped with scorched seaweed, a two-toned sunset martini and our most premium martini yet - the "Flame of Love", a $65 martini made with Grey Goose's VX vodka containing a touch of cognac, served with a side of stunning Sydney views.