Three Cheers for Aussie Christmas




Christmas in Australia is a unique experience, with days of lazing by the beach, and keeping chilled with a cocktail (or 3, or 4...) and throwing a couple of prawns on the 'barbie. If your silly season is anything like ours, it’s a never-ending whirl of cheesy Christmas music, overflowing Christmas parties and very, very full stomachs. Bringing loved ones together. Endless eating and drinking.


It’s what Christmas-time is all about, in our professional opinion, and there’s no time for regret over tipsy karaoke performances when you have a Christmas Day meal to prepare. We've gathered together some ideas from some of the finest in their field here at Barangaroo House, to help you sort out what to eat and drink this Christmas season.


Head Sommelier Georgina shares her recommendations on the best red wines for summer, Chef Tom Haynes shares one of his favourite recipes from the Bea menu, and Head Beverage man (and absolute cocktail guru) shares his recipe for an easy, delicious and perfectly summery Seasonal Spritz!



Smashable Reds

When it comes to summer, red wine probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But Georgie's here to give smashable reds the tick of approval, with a little hint to maximise enjoyment through drinking reds at slightly cooler than room temperature.  This summer, Georgie recommends these Smashable Reds;


- Domaine Simha ‘Simla’ Red Field Blend Gamay|Pinot (Tasmania)

- Comando G Bruja de Rozas Garnacha (Vinos de Madrid, Spain)

- Mount Mary Reflexion Cabernet Franc  (Yarra Valley, Victoria)

Tom's Butterflied Snapper

Tom's butterflied Snapper is the perfect dish to serve in the hot climate during the silly, with light and fresh flavours, and beautifully festive. It's also a great alternative to the heavier Christmas meat versions of turkey and ham. This is also a great one to throw on the barbecue for easy Christmas day cooking. Snapper is also a readily available fish, so you don't have to traipse around town to source your ingredients, leaving more time for eating and drinking!

Summer Spritz

Glass: Wine Glass


- 30ml Vodka
- 20ml Passionfruit liquer
- 20m passionfruit puree
- 60ml prosecco
- 20ml lime juice
- 10ml vanilla syrup



- Build all ingredients in a wine glass over ice

- Stir gently

- Garnish half a passionfruit